Tutorials and Technical Writing

Sometimes technical brilliance needs to be simplified and explained in different ways for different markets, and I started out my career doing just that. I explain your tech in a way that everyone can understand.


Content and Copy Writing

Does your publication need engaging, in-depth and well-researched articles designed for SEO hits? How about engaging headlines, quotable blurbs and rich copy? I craft thorough, colorful and thought-provoking content, as well as quotable blurbs and catchy headlines.

Blog Posts, Marketing and Social Media Presence

You’re passionate about what you do, and the world deserves to know about it. I write engaging and witty blog posts that connect to any and all aspects of your business. And when I’m done, I send it out the world in the form of marketing campaigns, advertising content and any social media platform you choose.

Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Your ideas are brilliant. Your tone is unique. But writing can be a long and complex process, and it’s difficult to do alone. I take your research and your tone to write something that’s all yours. Already have a draft, but need a bit of help? I give your own words some polish to show the best side of your work to the world. I can also provide MLA or APA formatting.